Laundry Pickup Service in Orange County & SGV

Laundry day got you down? Need pick up laundry service near me? Take a load off with LaundryUp!
Save time on laundry services and dry cleaning with convenient pickup and delivery.

How it works

How can LaundryUp help me with laundry & dry cleaning?

We come to your home or workplace, pick up your dirty clothes, and deliver your clean laundry back as soon as the next day! Just schedule a pickup, leave your laundry bag outside, and we'll do the rest. Take a load off with LaundryUp!

Signup and Schedule

Create your account to upload payment, edit preferences, and schedule pickup and delivery days.

Fill Your Bags

Fill disposable bags with your laundry. Your clothes will be returned in reusable LaundryUp bags.

Enjoy Free Time

Smile knowing you're getting  cleaner clothes more conveniently than washing them yourself.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Pickup Service — Your Way

We sustainably sanitize all your laundry in cold ozone water — for free

Wash & Fold

Charged per pound, excluding bulky items such as pillows and comforters, which are charged per piece.

Our traditional wash and fold laundry service, also called fluff and fold. We sort, wash, dry, and fold (or hang) your everyday laundry such as tops, bottoms, outerwear, sheets and towels. 

Per-Bag Wash & Fold

Charged per bag, including both regular laundry and bulky items.

Our new per bag laundry service makes doing laundry simple and easy! Just fill your LaundryUp bag with as much laundry as you can fit with the drawstring closed and pay one flat rate. Includes bulky household laundry like pillows and comforters.

Bulky Household Laundry

Good for people with a small washer and dryer at home.

Charged per piece, packaged separately for ease of storage in your linen closet.

Get your pillows, comforters, bath mats, and even your pet beds efficiently and effectively cleaned in our ozone-sanitized large capacity washers and dryers.

Dry Clean or Launder & Press

Good for people who frequent brick & mortar dry cleaners.

Charged per piece, like your local dry cleaners.

Get your dry cleaning done at a competitive price to your regular dry cleaner, with the added convenience of pickup and delivery service.

what we do

Residential Laundry Service & Dry Cleaning

Get door-to-door laundry delivery service to your house or apartment — dry cleaning delivery too! Wash and fold includes free ozone sanitization, and all orders come with free pickup and two-day delivery.

Locker Laundry Service & Dry Cleaning

Pick up and drop off your clothes 24/7 at lockers in your apartment or office! Don't leave the building for your dry cleaning and laundry needs; just put them in the lockers and get them back in two business days.

Commercial Laundry & Linen Service

Let us do your laundry and focus on growing your business because your laundry is our business! LaundryUp's commercial laundry services are perfect for hair salons, spas, massage therapists, restaurants, caterers and more.


What they say

Best money I spent all year

I just did their pickup service. Best money I spent all year. They came to my door, picked up the laundry on time, and delivered it back the next day. Everything was perfectly folded. Also, their delivery guys were super nice and professional. I can't say enough good things about this service, it saved me hours. It's just laundry but honestly made my day. Thanks so much.

Joseph D.

(Residential Customer)

My clothes were so nice and clean and smelled wonderful!

Everything I expected and more. This was the second wash fold service I tried, and I was blown away by how good they were. They followed directions exactly as I requested. My clothes were so nice and clean and smelled wonderful! When they had a doubt, they called me to check what I wanted, which I really liked. I will def keep using them regularly.

Linda C.

( Locker Customer)

Corey & Patrick care about their clients

I use LaundryUp to handle the quick turnaround needs of my rapidly growing business. I have 7 vacation rentals and counting, and despite numerous operational adjustments, everyone at LaundryUp I have worked has been top-notch. Corey and Patrick care about their clients' needs and are willing to adapt on the fly. They are pros, from quality to efficiency to customer service.

Loryan J.

( Commercial Client)


Wash & Fold



Wash and fold laundry service charged by the pound. Bulky items not weighed and charged separately

Per-Bag Wash & Fold



Wash and fold laundry service charged by the bag. Includes all regular laundry and bulky items that fit in bag with drawstring closed.

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Contact Information

You can also try fluff and fold drop off service or pick up your order here at Superior Laundry in Northeast Anaheim.

Find us here: 1070 N. State College Blvd., Anaheim, CA, 92806


Phone: 714-533-7835