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Yes we are open for business. Laundry is an essential service. Take a Load Off! Use our garment lockers for 24/7 laundry & dry cleaning delivery service

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Why use LaundryUp for Laundry & Dry Cleaning?

LaundryUp saves you time, and time is money! When your dirty clothes pile up, Take a Load Off with LaundryUp. Place an order in our app for laundry rather than doing it yourself. Pick up and drop off your clothes when it's convenient for you instead of rushing to the cleaners. Enjoy more time with friends and family, and a life without doing laundry!

Reasons to Take a Load Off

Easy On Your Wallet

Free Pickup & Delivery. Competitive Pricing. Always.

Faster than the Cleaners

Two Business-Day Turnaround.

Convenient Scheduling

24/7 Order Placement & Pickup

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Experts

We Won't Lose Your Socks!

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LaundryUp delivery person taking customer's order to the LaundryUp van.
LaundryUp's modern laundry facilities.

Save Time on Laundry

Let LaundryUp do all the work to pick up, wash, dry, fold, and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning - Take a Load Off! and experience cleaner clothes with fewer hassles. Our laundry pick up service can free your time for higher priorities, whether you completely want to outsource your laundry and dry cleaning, or just need help in a pinch. Using LaundryUp's pick up laundry service instantly saves you a chunk of time in your weekly schedule.

LaundryUp attendant folding clothes
LaundryUp attendant hanging clothes

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivery

After 30 years in the industry, our quality cleaning services are now available on demand with our laundry app. Experience the convenience of expert laundry and dry cleaning service at the tap of a finger, via lockers available for pick ups or drop offs 24/7. We always process your order individually because LaundryUp and our partners own and operate our own cleaning facilities, and are 100% committed to quality.

How it Works

dropping off bag of dirty laundry into LaundryUp locker.

Drop Off

Place your separated bags of laundry and dry cleaning into an unlocked locker.

locking LaundryUp locker with 4-digit code

Lock Up

Enter a 4-digit code then turn the knob to lock your locker.

placing an order on LaundryUp's mobile app.

Place Order

Place your order in the LaundryUp app or website.

picking up clean clothes from LaundryUp locker.

Pick Up

Retreive your clean laundry and dry cleaning once you get a notification.

Place Order

LaundryUp delivery person taking customer's order to the LaundryUp van.

On Demand Laundry App

Your laundry and dry cleaning aren't going to clean themselves, but with this laundry app you can do your laundry on demand. For laundry service in Orange County Take a Load Off and download the LaundryUp app today. Place an order, edit your cleaning preferences, and get pickup notifications all in the app.

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