Commercial Laundry, Linen, and Uniform Service

Commercial Laundry Service & Linen Service for Your Business

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Quality Service in Southern California

LaundryUp provides commercial laundry, linen, and uniform services to clients in the Orange Couty and San Gabriel Valley regions of Southern California.

Partner with us to get quality service tailored to your business's needs.

We're one of the only companies in Southern California that uses ozone sanitization on every order, which is effective against germs while being gentler on linens.

Linen Services

If your business requires a constant supply of clean linens like bedding, table cloths, or towels for your customers or employees, you're perfect for commercial laundry service.

Airbnb and Hotel Laundry Service

Guests returning to business and leisure travel have higher standards for hygiene than ever before. You've already taken steps to improve your housekeeping, like deeper cleaning and sanitization, so now it's time to enhance your laundry routine. Use a laundry service that uses ozone to sanitize every sheet, pillowcase, and towel between guests. You will exceed customer expectations when it comes to linen cleanliness. You'll also make a big impression on them regarding environmental sustainability.

Healthcare Linen Service

As important as clean linens are for all businesses in all industries, they are of primary importance in the healthcare industry. Healthcare facilities need to ensure the linens for their patients are sanitized from pathogens. That's why LaundryUp uses ozone, which kills viruses, bacteria, and even superbugs that survive hot water washing temperatures of 167°F. Use our medical linen service to prevent linen loss and control linen costs.

Towel Laundry Service

Regardless of the industry, your company probably needs towels daily to keep your customers happy and employees productive. Whether you need your face, hand, and bath towels to feel soft and smell fresh or your microfiber towels clean of dust and dirt, ozone laundering is what your towels need to be extra clean. LaundryUp's towel laundry service can provide your business with the clean towels it needs on schedule and budget you can afford.

Uniform Services

Project the brand image you want for your company with clean uniforms that make a positive impression on your customers.

LaundryUp's uniform service has you covered with both laundry and dry cleaning services, so whether you need your uniforms folded, hung, or pressed, we make it hassle-free to keep your team looking sharp.

Beware of other services that lure you in with low prices and long-term contracts. Big uniform companies will likely wash your uniforms in large batches with their other clients' laundry.

Not only will the quality be inferior, but if there's a problem, you may find customer service lacking.

LaundryUp is different because we compete on quality and service, not just price.

Medical Uniform Service

Scrubs and lab coats are uniforms designed to keep doctors, nurses, and patients safe from the spread of harmful microorganisms.

They are essential personal protective equipment that needs to be more than clean. They need to be sanitized.

LaundryUp's medical uniform service uses ozone to kill 99.9% of all pathogens, so you can have confidence that your scrubs and lab coats are as clean as they can be.