Laundry & Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery Services

Take a load off! LaundryUp helps you save time on laundry and dry cleaning with convenient pickup and delivery services. Get your clothes delivered to your door, or lockers in your building.

LaundryUp's Benefits

We save you time and energy on laundry.

Get sustainably sanitized laundry that's tough on germs but easy on the environment. 

More Time

Reclaim 3 hours of your time each week when you use LaundryUp for your laundry needs.

Sanitized Laundry

Ozone sanitizes your laundry more effectively than hot water with none of the negative side effects.

Sustainable Laundry

Lower temperatures, faster extraction, and less drying means your clothes are cleaned more sustainably.

Residential Laundry Service

With LaundryUp's residential pickup and delivery laundry service, you can save time, energy, and stress on laundry day.
Our reliable and convenient service allows customers to book a pickup online or through our mobile app, and have their clothes professionally washed and carefully folded in as little as 24 hours. 

Locker Laundry Service

LaundryUp provides apartment building residents a convenient and secure way to get their laundry and dry cleaning done without leaving the building.
By partnering with local buildings to install secure lockers we've enabled contactless pick-up and delivery service for laundry and dry cleaning 24/7.

Commercial Laundry Service

LaundryUp provides small businesses with a convenient, high-quality laundry service that ensures clean linens and uniforms for their customers and employees. Our reliable pickup and delivery system allows businesses to quickly and easily get the freshness they need without having to wash, dry and fold themselves.