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Laundry & Dry Cleaning Pick Up Service

LaundryUp is a convenient amenity that solves your residents' laundry & dry cleaning headaches. Offer your residents a laundry amenity that helps them avoid the the hassles of rushed trips to the dry cleaners, unwieldy linens in small machines, and the proverbial missing sock. Request a consultation today to see how easy it is for LaundryUp to install lockers that will help maximize your residents' satisfaction.

1. Consultation

LaundryUp comes to your community to help determine the optimal location and number of lockers for the property, and answer all of your questions.

2. Installation

LaundryUp installs the lockers on-site in exchange for a small footprint to install the lockers upon. The space-efficient lockers require no utilities or upkeep from staff.

3. Win-Win Situation

LaundryUp is a win-win for all parties. Your property benefits from a no cost, labor free value-added amenity. Residents benefit from on demand laundry and dry cleaning service.

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