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Why use LaundryUp for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service?

Because you want better results with less effort. What's easier than using lockers in your building to drop off dirty laundry then pick up clean clothes?

No more making two trips to the cleaners for your dry cleaning. If you want an alternative to your in-unit washer and dryer, use fluff and fold laundry service.

We will wash your laundry in sanitizing ozone water that efficiently kills more viruses and bacteria than normal laundering. So next time your dirty clothes pile up, take a load off with LaundryUp!

Benefits of LaundryUp's Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

24/7 Contactless Dropoffs & Pickups

Lockers make dropoffs and pickups a contactless experience and can be done at your convenience 24/7.

Sanitized Laundry Service

Ozone sanitizes your laundry and is powerful enough to destroy superbugs like C. difficile, E. coli, and MRSA.

Sustinable Laundry Service

Ozone laundry requires less energy, water, and chemicals, making it better for the environment than traditional laundry.

Affordable Dry Cleaning

Get quality and convenience with dry cleaning pickup and delivery service for the same price as your average brick and mortar dry cleaner.

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LaundryUp delivery person taking customer's order to the LaundryUp van.
LaundryUp's modern laundry facilities.

Fluff and Fold with Ozone

Everyone needs clean clothes, but no one likes doing laundry. That's why people love fluff and fold laundry service. With LaundryUp, you have one more reason to love it — complementary ozone sanitization on all fluff and fold orders.

Read more about the benefits of ozone for laundry and how it sanitizes your laundry sustainably. The bottom line is that ozone is the cleanest and greenest way to wash your laundry, and it will also make your clothes feel softer, smell fresher, and last longer.

LaundryUp attendant folding clothes
LaundryUp attendant hanging clothes

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery

Get pickup and delivery service for your dry cleaning and laundry using our lockers in your building. You'll have clean clothes in a couple of days when you use LaundryUp.

LaundryUp provides a variety of dry cleaning and laundry services. We clean everything from your launder & press shirts to your California king-sized comforter. Pickup and delivery is free.

How to use Lockers for Dropoff and Pickup

First, put your clothes in a bag, then find an unlocked locker and put your bag inside. Lock the locker following the directions on the door. Place your order in the app by entering the locker number you used. We''ll notify you in two business days when your order is ready for pickup.

dropping off bag of dirty laundry into LaundryUp locker.

Drop Off

Place your bag in an unlocked locker. Use separate bags for laundry and dry cleaning.

locking LaundryUp locker with 4-digit code

Lock Up

Follow the directions to choose a 4-digit code and turn the knob to lock your locker.

placing an order on LaundryUp's mobile app.

Enter Number

Place your order in the app by entering the locker number you're using.

picking up clean clothes from LaundryUp locker.

Pick Up

Retreive your clean laundry and dry cleaning once you get a notification.

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LaundryUp delivery person taking customer's order to the LaundryUp van.

On Demand Laundry App

Your laundry and dry cleaning aren't going to clean themselves, but with this laundry app you can do your laundry on demand. For laundry service in Orange County Take a Load Off and download the LaundryUp app today. Place an order, edit your cleaning preferences, and get pickup notifications all in the app.

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