Click "Register" in the menu at the top right. Follow the steps to create an account, and place your first order.

Click on the "Place an Order" link. Before you can proceed, you need to select a location from the list of addresses displayed. You will also need to add your preferred payment method and enter the required payment information.
To place your order, select the locker from the dropdown menu, the "service type", enter any notes or promotion codes, and click "Next". On the next screen verify the information is correct then click on "Yes, Place This Order."

Standard turnaround is two business days, as long as the order is placed by 9AM. Some items may take longer (i.e. leather and specialty items etc.).

For your first order, before you get the LaundryUp garment bag, put your items in any bag clearly marking that the contents of the bag are either Dry Cleaning or Wash & Fold.
Please use two separate bags if your order contains both Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold. Your order will be returned in protective, LaundryUp branded, bags (one for Dry Cleaning, the other for Wash & Fold). Please keep these bags and reuse them for future orders.

Before you can finish placing an order you will need to save your credit card information in your account profile. This card will be used for future orders. You will receive an itemized receipt of every order.
Just like Uber, where your payment information is saved on the app and charged when you order a ride, LaundryUp only charges you when you place an order.

Log into your account and under the "Account Menu" section, select "My Laundry Settings" and select your preferences.

Yes, dry cleaning and wash & fold items must be placed in separate bags.
For first time users, please complete the labels provided with your "welcome bags". You may use any/additional bag(s) but please ensure each one is labeled.

Perc, a toxic, petroleum-based solvent is used by 85% of dry cleaners. We are 100% Perc-free and use a safe, greener alternative called hydrocarbon.
For Wash & Fold, our state-of-the-art machines and equipment get more washing action out of less water, and have high g-force spin cycles to wring out more water to reduce energy consumption for drying.

Unfortunately we do not do alterations or repairs for Dry Cleaning or Wash, Dry & Fold.

The best way to estimate the weight of your Wash & Fold order is to use your regular bathroom scale to weigh yourself holding your laundry, and subtract your bodyweight.
This list of men's clothing is about 10 pounds: 5 pairs of socks, 5 pairs of boxers, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 1 hoody, 1 jacket, and 1 bath towel. We will weigh your Wash & Fold order in our laundry facility using scales regulated by the city's department of weights and measures.

Our system charges a temporary $1.00 test to ensure the credit card on your account is valid. This charge will be refunded a few days after registering.

Our 30-day Laundry Plans are "use it or lose it". Any unused pounds from one month will not carry over to the next month.

Yes, LaundryUp is a credentialed vendor through Compliance Depot, ensuring we have all the necessary insurance and policies to get started at your property soon.

Yes, our minimum order amount is $10 for Dry Cleaning and $15 for Wash & Fold.

Contact us anytime at hello@laundryup.com or (714) 944-1480